Free Documentaries 


Watch a select and wide array of high quality and award-winning documentary films on human rights for free.

These films are tools for education and empowerment; driving awareness, generating dialogue and lobbying. We have created platform or resource with the goal for filmmakers who make human rights documentaries in Africa and around the world to expand their outreach campaigns; for human rights defenders, communities, learning institutions, civil society, individuals, activists, academics and researchers dealing with human rights in Africa who seek to use films as tools for education, stirring awareness, promoting dialogue and driving change.

Making films is a difficult and costly undertaking, film makers sacrifice their all to make these films. Should you want to download or a DVD of anyone of these films for your rights campaign, research or educational programme, please contact us first so that we can help you get in touch with the film maker in order to create collaborative working relationships.  Most of these film makers would be happy to be happy to hear about your cause or mission.